48 Months
My OC for an upcoming story. This was created on quite a hard program called MSPaint. Took around 3hrs
oc  psychosis  drawing  mspaint  so tiered  drawcity  bloody  or  is  that  snails  haha   
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Axxelerator Says: And thanks~ (Limited amount of characters to type : /)
Updated 1480 Days Ago
Axxelerator Says: I picked the color I was going to shade and used the curved lines to make it look a bit better. I then used the fill bucket to color inside. Any mistakes I made I erased. I cld try make a tutorial.
Updated 1480 Days Ago
sara chan Says: MS PAINT WOW o_o how do you do the shading on the hair? it looks awesome XD
Updated 1481 Days Ago
Axxelerator Says: Thanks!
Updated 1483 Days Ago
Blizzard the Dog Says: This looks boss!
Updated 1483 Days Ago
Axxelerator Says: Thank you~
Updated 1483 Days Ago
niranbd Says: Cool! Welcome to DrawHive
Updated 1483 Days Ago
Axxelerator Says: Thank you ^^ The story is still in progress and I don´t think I´ll be posting it up for a while since I´m thinking about the way the story will be heading. Although when I am done, I will post it up.
Updated 1483 Days Ago
niranbd Says: Wow this is amazing! Does the story will br avalibale on
Updated 1483 Days Ago
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